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Creators switch to FanGrowth because it's faster, cheaper and focused on OF/Fansly:

FanGrowth Postpone
Free plan 20 Reddit posts / month 5 Reddit posts / month
Pricing $29/mo for ∞ posts $99/mo for 8000 posts
Scheduled times per subreddit Based on # people online — best times Based on time from top posts — competitive
Time to schedule posts 3X faster -
Focused on OnlyFans / Fansly promotion
Get caption suggestions
Find subreddits by keyword only works for direct match, whereas FanGrowth matches on category
Save subreddit groups
See subreddit trending content
Auto-space posts for safety
Auto-rotate content to maximize profile conversion
Video to GIF conversion
Reddit karma support chat us if you need help
Safely auto-delete posts we only delete where it's not forbidden you have to check subreddit rules

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"I used Postpone before and it was so much slower than FanGrowth for scheduling content. I also like that you give captions, which helps with my writer's block!"

- Raven

"I was using Postpone, and now THIS! I am SO happy I found this! FanGrowth is exactly what I’ve been looking for, for content rotation and the scheduler is amazing and very easy to figure out. Far better than any other scheduler imo"

- Yummy

"My subs are up 62% in the last 30 days using FanGrowth all while avoiding Reddit burnout”

- Savannah

"I have the most paid subs I've ever had since using FanGrowth. I've used schedulers in the past, but it's never been this easy to post 30X a day. This is the best product for post scheduling on the market”

- Exotic

"A major timesaver, making it a breeze to schedule more, doubling my subs within the first two weeks"

- Dee

Get 20 free posts every month   
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Let's answer your questions:

What is the best Reddit post scheduler?

The best Reddit post scheduler saves you the most time, gets you the most fans, and keeps your Reddit account safe.

FanGrowth does all three: we schedule at the best times to post on Reddit. We rotate your content to maximize OnlyFans conversion. We space your posts to follow subreddit rules. See FanGrowth reviews.

Why is rotating content important? How do you do it?

Rotating content ensures the same image/GIF does NOT post back-to-back. This keeps your Reddit account safe, and it improves your profile conversion. When a potential subscriber looks at your Reddit profile and sees a mix of content, they are more likely to click your OnlyFans/Fansly page and subscribe.

FanGrowth rotates your content by spacing the same content apart, usually by ~1 day. You can also customize your daily target to space your posts more closely.

How many posts can I schedule for free?

You can schedule 20 posts for free, every month. Beyond that, you can upgrade to our paid plans. Everything is priced to make this profitable for your business!

How do you post for me?

FanGrowth uses Reddit's official API to help you schedule posts. The API is built by Reddit and 100% compliant. You give permission through Reddit, we never see your password, and you can unlink your account anytime. You can also test with a demo account!

Will my account be banned using FanGrowth?

Your account is safe, as long as you follow Reddit rules. FanGrowth helps you stay stafe: we pull in subreddit rules, post validation, space your posts apart, and draft different captions for each post.

Moderators cannot see that you are using a scheduler. More details on how to not get banned.

How do you handle subreddit rules?

We read and follow subreddit rules: 1. We space posts apart. 2. We pull in each subreddit's requirements, like verification, flairs and rules for captions. 3. We auto-draft captions to follow rules and help you go viral.

How are you different from other Reddit post schedulers?

FanGrowth is the best Reddit post scheduler, 100% focused on promoting your OnlyFans/Fansly.

We draft NSFW captions based on your content, and suggest the best times to post on Reddit. We also let you batch upload to Redgif and Reddit, so you can get more done faster. You can also set targets for # daily posts.

Try it once. See the difference.

What are the best times to post on Reddit for upvotes?

The best time to post on Reddit is when the most # people are online to view and engage with your content. We analyze subreddit traffic and pick the best days and times to get you the most views and upvotes:

Screenshot showing best times to post on Reddit for r/adorableporn by day of week and time of day, UTC time zone More details on best times to post on Reddit.

Will using a Reddit post scheduler hurt my post performance?

No, every post goes to the same tab in a subreddit, whether you do it manually or through a Reddit scheduler. Subreddit mods cannot tell if you are using a scheduler. More details on how Reddit posts and upvotes work.

Can I upload images, GIFs and videos?

Yes! You can upload all of them directly to Reddit, Redgif, or share links to your content. We even convert videos to GIFs for you.

How do I find good subreddits for promotion?

We categorized a list of the best NSFW (and SFW) subreddits ideal for promoting your OnlyFans / Fansly account. This is the biggest and most up-to-date list of NSFW subreddits. Updates daily.

Do you use proxies to submit posts?

Yes! We automatically rotate proxies for you to ensure account safety. If you prefer to use your own proxies, just chat us and we'll get you set up!

Can I add multiple Reddit accounts?

Yes! You can add multiple Reddit accounts and manage them all from one dashboard. See pricing for multiple accounts.

Can I see how FanGrowth works first?

Yes! See how to schedule Reddit posts for the best times in a few seconds.

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"It only takes a few minutes to set up my entire posting schedule for the week! Definitely worth it!"

- Cher