OnlyFans Restricted Words 2024: Complete List of 225 Banned Words

We have the biggest list of restricted / banned words on OnlyFans. We also have a free OnlyFans restricted words checker that instantly finds banned words in your messages, posts and bio.

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What are restricted words on OnlyFans

OnlyFans has banned words you can't use on the platform, including in your name, bio, posts, or messages. This list is not publicly listed, but after a lot of testing, we now know exactly what they are.

Here's the complete list of 225 OnlyFans banned words, sorted in alphabetical order:
























That's a lot of words to check! To make it easier to remember, they usually fall into these banned topics on OnlyFans:

These banned topics are against OnlyFans Terms of Service.

Sometimes, subs may use restricted words in their messages. While they are allowed to use some restricted words, you as the creator cannot:

Subs may use banned words on OnlyFans

OnlyFans puts the responsibility on the creator to set the boundaries. To handle this, switch to a topic that is not banned.

What happens if you use banned words on OnlyFans

If you try to use a banned word, most text boxes will shows a red outline along with this error message on OnlyFans: "input contains restricted words". But sometimes it will not tell you what the specific word is! This means if you have multiple words in the text box, it can get confusing:

Onlyfans input contains restricted words

If you use restricted words on OnlyFans messages to your subs, your message may get deleted:

restricted words on Onlyfans messages

This can be a big waste of time, so we built an OnlyFans restricted word checker. Paste in your text and we will highlight any restricted or banned words:

OnlyFans restricted words checker

Using this tool, you never have to wonder what words are restricted on OnlyFans again. Check before you post to keep your account safe.

Paste your text:

Good to go! No restricted words found.
Restricted word detected. See highlighted in red above.

Can you get around restricted words

While you can use misspellings to get around restricted words (e.g., t33n instead of teen), we do not recommend doing this.

OnlyFans is always on the lookout for these workarounds, so even if you can bypass restricted words temporarily, it's unlikely to last long. They already have some misspellings included as part of their list of restricted words (e.g. bestiality and beastiality). And OnlyFans may penalize your account more severely for breaking the rules.

If you've been banned for using restricted words

OnlyFans will typically email you about any account bans with a clear reason.

If you get banned for unintentionally using restricted OnlyFans words, reach out to OnlyFans support ASAP. Here are some ways to contact the OnlyFans team:

Assuming it was unintentional, OnlyFans will manually review your account and likely reactivate it.

FAQs about OnlyFans banned words

What are restricted words on OnlyFans?

Restricted words on OnlyFans cannot be used anywhere on the platform - in posts, messages or your bio. They tend to fall into these banned topics:

Our complete list above has all 225 OnlyFans banned words as of 2024.

Why does OnlyFans have restricted words?

OnlyFans bans specific words to ensure safety for adult content creators and subs. Some of these words are obvious (e.g., incest), others are less so (e.g., dog). Because OnlyFans does not always tell you which words are restricted, we built a free OnlyFans restricted words checker to flag banned words before you send them.

Conclusion: OnlyFans Restricted Words

Good luck! I hope this was helpful. Chat us if you need anything at all.

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